Ina Junaida Bt Abd Arif



Area of Expertise:

Civil Litigation, Islamic & Conventional Banking.

Ina Junaida specialises in areas of civil litigation and dispute resolution, banking litigation, insolvency litigation, probate, contact law, local government, construction and injunctive relief.  She is also experienced in handling property acquisition and disposal both by Islamic and Conventional banking facilities and currently focuses on the Islamic banking area covering both consumer and corporate banking. 


Ina Junaida chambered with Messrs. Tengku Mohamed & Alan Lim in the year 2001, primarily focusing on Conveyancing, Corporate, Banking Litigation and Civil Litigation.  In March 2004, Ina Junaida joined RAA as an associate and was made a Partner in June 2007. Ina has been entrusted to be the anchor of management of RAA’s Shah Alam branch since February 2008.